Oleg Gusev
Tue Jun 29 13:00:50 CEST 2004

> I have never built a arm-wince-pe toolchain. Could the uclibc scripts
> be patched so as to build in a same toolchain both targets arm-uclibc-linux
> and arm-wince-pe? Or must it be two separate toolchains? I really don't
> know.

I'll try to do it manually. The main problem should be the merging of
wince SDK header files. It has been done with patched 3.3.3, so
we are not talking about very complicated things here.

> Maybe it was unhappy at the way kernel 2.6 setup the voltage or something?

 2.6 ? The Vcc in 2.4 is correct, and Vpp is not needed.


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