keyboard driver?

Francois-Rene Rideau
Wed Jun 30 11:09:50 CEST 2004

Dear j820ers,

Is anyone working on the keyboard driver for 2.6?
I think I've figured out the way it's done:
we must have a file in input/serio/ named after our communication chipset.
Oleg calls it SPI, so the file may be input/serio/spi.c
(what does that stand for? what is the full name of the device?
which pdf is its documentation?)
That file would declare two struct serio, a la i8042.c,
one with serio->type=SERIO_8042_XL for the keyboard,
and another with serio->type=SERIO_8042 for the mouse.
The latter is important so that we may reuse input/mouse/psmouse-base.c,
but we could make up any type for the former, as long as we recognize it in
a struct serio_dev declared in input/keyboard/j820kbd.c.
The code in input/serio/serio.c will match serio with serio_dev
based on the order in which they are declared and the recognized types.
So the idea, is copy the API from 2.6 files,
and fill-in the code from the 2.4 j820keyb.c,
separating the device I/O from the key event handling.

Any taker?

PS: on the linux-arm-kernel mailing-list, they say that my setting ZBSSADDR
is a kluge, and I should instead be moving the initrd away from the zImage.
I will handle this.

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