kernel26 initrd

Matan Ziv-Av
Wed Jun 30 16:18:53 CEST 2004

On Wed, 30 Jun 2004, Francois-Rene Rideau wrote:

> > I have commented out the old irq code in jornada820.c.
> > You need to request and enable IRQ0.
> Matan: see Documentation/arm/Interrupts

I don't like reading documentation.

> I added
>         set_irq_type(GPIO_JORNADA820_KEYBOARD_IRQ, IRQT_FALLING);
> before the request_irq(), and it works quite right.
> Yippers! I've been typing commands in a 2.6 kernel!
> I'll commit that, even though it should eventually be replaced
> with a serio thingie that exports a serio for the mouse.

I am not sure it makes sense. The mouse and keyboard are seperate both 
in hardware (keyboard on spi to 1100, mouse on ps2 connection to 1101), 
and in software (input/keyboard/ and input/mouse/).
We'd need the j820_keyb, anyway, and it won't be much simpler so you'd 
only add complication. For the mouse, serio makes sense, since we will 
then use the generic psmouse.c, without a need to change it.

Matan Ziv-Av.               

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