Back in the game...

Francois-Rene Rideau
Tue Mar 23 20:16:04 CET 2004

Dear all,

got my new 32MB german unit from mail today.
I tried to boot Linux, with the following results:

* compiling from CVS (which BTW required a fix to
 that I committed), hpcboot doesn't boot:
 it remains in WinCE, and last message on console is
	load link 990 zero clear link 0
 I get no "Press Yes to Boot" confirmation window.

* Trying oleg/j820.mcp1 from the web site, I get the penguin,
 and then the screen goes from crisp to a bit blurry (something goes
 wrong while changing SA1101 registers?) as the kernel hangs
 before any message is printed on the console.

* Using george/j820 from the web site, I can boot correctly
 (but then, it still has the old broken keyboard driver).

So, can anyone help me solve this issue?

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