Clean build doesn't

Francois-Rene Rideau
Wed Mar 24 02:15:56 CET 2004

I tried to build a clean installation from CVS, using the 3.3.2 toolchain
on our site (as copied from openzaurus).

* pcmcia won't build, complaining about lack of PCI in the kernel (!)
 if /usr/src/linux is my ARM kernel. Compilation works if my /usr/src/linux
 is my workstation's kernel. -- something's rotten.

* hpcboot still won't load the obtained bootimage. Tried with a smaller
 ramdisk, to be well under 4MB in total size -- no go. The problem must reside
 in the kernel and/or in the code gluing kernel to ramdisk.

* with the toolchain 3.3.1 from Gentoo, busybox won't build because
 of lack of libcrypt.a (moreover, libc.a should symlink libc_nonshared.a).
 Grafting the libcrypt from 3.3.2 won't work.

* there should really be a *bootable* state-of-the-art binary on our site.
 with separate zImage and ramdiskimage to help people hack, too.

Oleg, David, etc.: can you post what you use?
Maybe make a backup and compare to what's in CVS?

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