More j820 breakage.

Oleg Gusev
Fri Mar 26 21:11:37 CET 2004

 Hi guys,

   i am at a conference right now and can't write long e-mails
  and have actually no time.
  Dave: i have removed 2.95.3 and 3.3.1 toolchains from the
  website, because we will get the mail from again about
  the exceeded quota!!!
  Francois: i use the 3.3.2 arm-linux-gcc-* toolchain from

>I can't compile busybox with the 2.95.3 toolchain from Sigh.

Works here (tm).

>But the resulting cardmgr (compiled with 3.3.2) doesn't look like it works,

Yes, i have written about it long time ago. Copy cardmgr from the
ramdisk made by George.

>In other news, the 16MB of F1267A RAM extension seems to be
>in bank 2 @ D0000000, but I'm not sure.

It should be there. Add the second static entry at 0xd000000, like
we do for the first one.

>I suppose it isn't legit to peek and poke at addresses where there is no RAM.

This is a fault inside the kernel and i don't know how it will handle it.

>Oleg: can you post the code you used to find out about RAM banks 0, 1, 2, 3?

That will not help you, add the second SET_BANK and set the number of banks
to 2 as i have said before.

>Oleg: can you publish your hpcboot tree together with the toolchain you use?

Use hpcbootm.exe. I have put the bootloader, kernel and rootfs binaries
to oleg/ subdirectory on the website. Dave, did it work
for you ??? The kernel is compiled with 'console=ttySA0' so the penguin
appears on the screen, which remains blank for some minutes.
After that you get the login prompt. If you are unhappy about it
connect the 115200bps terminal.
Good luck and write about your progress.


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