Oleg Gusev
Sun May 2 19:07:46 CEST 2004

On Sunday 02 May 2004 06:55 pm, you wrote:
> I was just wondering what problems you were having with relocating
> the kernel or some such thing. Maybe you're not relocating,
> and what you want to do is just something like
> 	reserve_bootmem_node(pgdat, PHYS_OFFSET, (1024+384)*1024); // oleg way

Exactly! And it doesn't  work. The real linux bootloader should 
start, find out where it is put by wince in the memory, 
reset the memory division into program/data sections, 
grab all available memory, reset sa1101, stop busmaster dma,
probably relocate itself to the top of the memory,
probably disable the framebuffer and setup the kernel command
line with the additional brightness/contrast/sound level/day/year parameters. 
Then wince will be really wiped out, and the kernel can be put
even at 0xc0000000. But this is the ideal setup.


PS. You can try a really funny thing: try to put the kernel
        at 0xd0000000 ! I'm wondering how many kernel
        bugs you will hit :-).

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