help needed

Oleg Gusev
Sun May 9 01:18:59 CEST 2004

On Sunday 09 May 2004 01:07 am, you wrote:
> That would probably mean download the whole toolchain.
> Is that what you want?

Yes. Everything that saves time and requires only to type 
'make' is good.

> Not logged to /tmp/log ?
No. some messages are only on the screen. I can run with
a serial console and typescript, but it's an overkill.

> Did I mention that I was a Unix-Hater?

Well, i began with the glorious DEC and apple][. unix came
later. i must say that unix and X are the best things i've ever 
seen. Assembler is fine, C is for real tasks, c++ is for
writing gui apps to keep the bosses happy, and the shell scripts
are the road to hell! Are you surprised that i like to hack the kernel ?


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