j820 issues & workarounds

Francois-Rene Rideau fare@tunes.org
Mon May 10 00:53:55 CEST 2004

My workarounds for various j820 issues:

* kapmd kills the whole machine when it receives a kill -TERM from
 /etc/rc[06].d/S20sendsigs. To avoid that yet let init run, I modularized
 kernel support for apm, and made sure it was unloaded before S20sendigs.

* cardmgr Oopses and locks a kernel resource when run after pivot_root.
 I tried with the one from debian or the one from the bootdisk,
 that works quite well from the initrd.
 Workaround: boot with noautomount, and use cardmgr -o from the initrd
 (especially since my NIC isn't recognized at bootup, and must be reinserted
 before a cardmgr -o so that it will work).

* To support my NIC, I compiled the pcmcia to not invert voltage bits
 on Socket 0.

* Because /var/lib/dpkg/lock cannot be on NFS, it is a symlink to
 /var/lock/dpkg.lock on tmpfs

Problem I'm stumbling upon:

* I can't get X to work correctly. Oleg: can you send me
 your configuration files, as well as scripts for any magic setup you do
 so it will work (touchscreen, whatever).
 I tried both XFree86 with fbdev driver, or xserver-tinyx-fbdev, to no avail.


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