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David Jones
Sun May 9 03:59:14 CEST 2004

Hi All

It was a very nice day here so I've been outside
working on a ham radio antenna:)  As such, I just got
caught up on reading the last 10 posts!

It all sounds really good so far.  The following will
ramble some but here goes.  I'll go for: uclibc
toolchain on the cf card, Oleg's cf image, Zaurus gui
( I have one too :) ).  The pcmcia is causing problems
for me too.  None of my lan cards will work with it as
it is.  The kernel probably should have everything
moved to a module that isn't often used.  That help
keep memory usage down.  Yes on using wince as a wierd
boot loader:)  I don't plan on using it for anything
else.  I've downloaded the source for fvwm.  With
uclibc toolchain on the cf card, I might try compiling
it on the j820 and see what happens.


P.s.  I started on an Elf II I build from a Popular
Electronic magazine article ( hand assemble, code
entered with toggle switches ).  Then moved up to a
KIM, then an Apple ][, then Vax 11/780 running Unix at College:)

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