Not much progress

Oleg Gusev
Mon Sep 13 19:11:47 CEST 2004

On Monday 13 September 2004 04:59 am, Derek Easte wrote:
> Previously I was able to start a X server, which uses the fb
> device. This no longer starts, I now get a blank screen and no keyboard
> response (marvellous!), and need to remove the main battery to reset the
> 820. Any ideas here?

Log in over the network (ethernet/wifi) or on the serial port.

> David Jones stated that he had compiled an "fvwm gui",
> perhaps he has some news on progress with this?

For me the 'twm' was working. You can install the debian fvwm package,
but IMHO it will waste the RAM. What is the latest lightweight window
manager ? blackbox ? matchbox ?

> I can report a complete lack of success with the 2.6 kernel.
> Although it boots up, all I see are lots of debug-style messages, then
> "waiting for event", but no login, and nothing else useful. Since I know
> little about the status of 2.6 or what it is supposed to be able to do, I
> can't use it.

Nobody can really _use_ it because the PCMCIA controller is not
working properly and therefore you can't mount the root filesystem.

> Can someone tell me what the 2.6 kernel is about? Or maybe
> why getty doesn't start with a particular kernel/release.

There is no getty available (!), so it doesn't start.

>I have also had an unfortunate mechanical experience, viz:
> one of the flimsy little screws that attach the screen has busted! It has
> been completely ripped out of the case. I did the only logical thing and
> quickly removed the hinge screw from the other side, so I now have a
> jornada with a floating screen, there is only the ribbon cable "holding" it
> together. Examination shows just how flimsy the hinges are: there is a
> single screw point for each hinge, and each hinge sits inside an equally
> flimsy plastic "tube", each tube consists of two "half-pipe" sections,
> which appear to be simply squashed together. No wonder the bloody thing
> broke. 

Blame HP for the stupid LCD mechanical design. I have a big crack on the
cover itself, and there is no way to adjust the tension of the screws.


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