Newbie with problems

Oleg Gusev
Sat Apr 16 14:37:56 CEST 2005

On Saturday 16 April 2005 05:32, Stern, Rick (Serviceguard Linux) wrote:
> I have a Jornada 820 with 32MB (yes one of the lucky ones)

I hope we will be able to put more RAM soon :)

> I've fdisk'd the card with the following
> Partition 1 size +16MB type b (Win95 fat32)

I have fat16 here. Linux doesn't really care about these numbers, but wince 
can be confused.

> Partition 2 size +128M type 82 (Linux swap)
> Partition 3 (default - remainder of the flash - type 83)
> Mkfs (defaults to ext2) of /dev/sdb3

Try to run fsck '/dev/sdb3' after copying everything to CF.

> (TAR.BZ and zaurus-debian-base-v0.17.tgz) but they have almost the same
> directory structure so I tried them individually.

TAR.BZ was an older debian for zaurus with some packages added.

> /linuxrc: 1: cannoth open dev/vc/1: no such file
> Kernel panic : attempted to kill init!

It seems that devfs is not running at that point.


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