CHOST for j820?

Tue Aug 9 21:52:59 CEST 2005

(I had forgotten to reply to the whole list)

On 09/08/05, Tim Roberts <> wrote:
>> You certainly know that an old
>>second-hand Toshiba or Sony subnotebook would be a more powerful and
>>cheaper machine, don't you?
> Maybe so, but the batteries don't last 11 hours.
Yes, probably the only good reason to have a j820.

> I just wish I were not so afraid to try the Linux distribution.
There's nothing to be afraid of.

> If I
> was confident that I could put it back into exactly the state it is now,
> I'd give it a try.
(1) Use your backup utility so save all your WinCE internal state.
(2) Remove the secondary battery (on the left side) since Linux cannot
really do anything but waste them.
(3) Play with Linux
(4) When tired of linux, use telinit 0 or halt to stop it.
(5) remove the secondary battery (on the left side) if still not done
(6) remove main battery and power cord.
(7) plug your power back
(8) Use the restore utility to restore all your WinCE internal state
(9) clean up the desktop, restore time&date, etc.

I did it many times before Linux became usable as my main platform.
Now it is, and I'm only ever back in WinCE when trying new kernels (or
after one of those evil keyboard lockups).

For playing with linux, I recommend my debian distro-making scripts.
Ask me for X configuration files.

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