CHOST for j820?

Tue Aug 9 21:53:34 CEST 2005

(I had forgotten to reply to the whole list)

On 09/08/05, Ian Jordan <> wrote:
> Yeah the CHOST is for gcc and I was using Gentoo to build the system as
> I could optimize it for the hardware and seeing we all use the same
> hardware it would be fast and easy to transfer to the group, but I will
> look at some other options and see where it takes me.

I'd go for arm-j820-linux-uclibc, or arm-handheld-linux-uclibc but you
could use arm-unknown-linux-uclibc or armv4l-unknown-linux-uclibc
should be quite OK. After all, once the kernel is booted, there is
little machine-dependent stuff left, and you'd be optimizing for the
sa1100 with MMU enabled.

Googling for XEmacs and uclibc, apparently this guy did build XEmacs
with uclibc and Gentoo:

Note that unless you're a complete masochist, you'll probably want to
cross-compile and/or be able to make good use of distcc and ccache. A
statically compiled qemu-arm is your friend, too (see my mkxdeb script
for instructions on how to make one on debian, YMMV).

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