CVS compilation missing /dev/hda?

Roman Stanchak
Tue Aug 16 20:31:00 CEST 2005

I can certainly try to do this, but its not something
I've done before, so if anyone can give any pointers,
I would very much appreciate it.

--- Faré <> wrote:

> we must rely on
> some devfsd configuration in /etc instead. If you
> create a file in
> /etc then rebuild the ramdisk and kernel, things
> should go fine.
> Otherwise, you can have the initialization scripts
> create symlinks
> from hda to discs/disc0/disc and hdaN to
> discs/disc0/partN.
> I have no time for that. Can you do it and commit it
> and/or send me a
> patch that I would commit?

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