CVS compilation missing /dev/hda?

Tue Aug 16 19:09:45 CEST 2005

Dear Roman,

I realized I had the same problem. I don't know when hda ceased to be
created, or who was creating it in the first place. I suspect it was
devfsd creating things based on indications built into the kernel, but
that the kernel no more supports devfs so much, so we must rely on
some devfsd configuration in /etc instead. If you create a file in
/etc then rebuild the ramdisk and kernel, things should go fine.
Otherwise, you can have the initialization scripts create symlinks
from hda to discs/disc0/disc and hdaN to discs/disc0/partN.

I have no time for that. Can you do it and commit it and/or send me a
patch that I would commit?

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        -- Tril

On 16/08/05, Roman Stanchak <> wrote:
> Hi Faré,
> Also, I built the kernel image from scratch from CVS
> today, but when I booted it, /dev/hda did not exist,
> so pivot_root failed.  I could mount my CF card from
> /dev/discs/lun0/...blah blah, but no /dev/hda -- any
> idea what may have happened there?  I switched to the
> kernel you posted on the website and it was fine.
> --Roman

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