Stanley Kardach
Mon Feb 28 10:43:23 CET 2005

Now that i have working working X with IceWM (although i plan moving  
completely to twm (less memory comsumption), i've tried to run some apps.  
First one came my second favourite linux game: Freeciv (I used debs from  
stable debian-arm distro). Imagine how i was surprised when i saw it  
running on my j820!! However there are some things that have to be done:
1) tiles size...they are too big.
2)information windows placing in main game window sucks. If you don't  
disattach map and unit windows you can't see game messages.
3)some speed tweaks. It is playable, evenwith server running on j820, but  
it can be faster ;P

I'll report if something will come up. BTW what do we need to know to  
create our own RAM expansion? Mayby i can help, i'm not telling that for  
sure, but i can ask here and there.

Stanley Kardach

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