Oleg Gusev
Mon Feb 28 17:48:45 CET 2005

On Monday 28 February 2005 17:06, Faré wrote:
> Also, would j720 flashboards be compatible with the j820? That would
> mean that we could get rid of wince altogether...
No, this is a different connector. And a different board. And they are using 
we need EDO RAM. Probably i should write a summary and put it on the
website, because all these questions (and many others) were discussed
on the mailing list and the knowledge has diffused with the time :)

> Finally, I have a dead j820 (bad contact somewhere), so if anyone is
> interested in fixing it or getting parts (e.g. the RAM), well, tell
> me.

I'd like to desolder the EDO RAM chips and produce a RAM schematics.
Then i'd like to solder in 4 16x4 chips (i've bought 64MB EDO DIMM on ebay,
it has 8 of them) to increase the available RAM to 48 MB.
Getting rid of wince requires a ROM board schematics, flash chips
and a method of flashing a bootloader on them - the same problem
as the 720 people have.

> PS: I can send pictures of the RAM board if needed. I can even send
> the board itself, if returned afterwards.

You have sent me the pictures half a year ago, but it's not enough :(
Chips should be removed, because they cover a lot of traces.
The actual connector pin layout can be traced only physically.The only 
_really_ valuable part on the RAM board is the connector,
so if i'll destroy it (highly unlikely, but who knows...) we need
to make some arrangement.

> PPS: I'm quite happy using the machine with debian, though I haven't
> got X working yet. Can those who got it working send a set of working
> configuration files?

Stanley ? It seems that i'll be too busy with the students in the next days.


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