Running X

Stanley Kardach
Mon Feb 28 22:50:22 CET 2005

OK this is how i got X running. It's a very nasty way, but it works, and i  
can run freeciv.
First of all i've copied kernel from site to FAT partition, and  
Oleg's tar to ext2 part. then done the same with PocketWorkstation tgz  
(from I did it because Pocket  
Workstation tgz had working dpkg (Oleg's old tar doesn't ;P) and Oleg's  
tar had XFbdev already installed (i know that kind of workaround really  
sucks, I will have to get qemu running on my PC and make some good clean  
rootfs, but now i'm too lazy/have too much work/have to learn [choose most  
suitable for you ;P]). Back to the topic. After unpacking whole stuff i've  
checked if XF86config from Oleg's tar is present on rootfs, i booted with  
noautomount,unpacked modules,chrooted,changed root passwd, made new  
user,exited chroot,invoked rootfs function,ran update-modules,started  
devfsd. Now comes the X part. you need to put ucb1.00-ts module into  
kernel, make sure that there is /dev/ts file (if not then symlink it to  
/dev/touchscreen/ucb1x00). after that all should work. just do the startx  
and X window will come up. Ow btw. if you startx from mc you will have  
normal colors, if you will do it from console, you won't...nice isn't it?  

I will post screenshots tomorrow, now i'm kinda sleepy and tomorow i have  
to wake very early...*yawn*


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