Oleg Gusev oleg@crista.uni-wuppertal.de
Mon Feb 28 22:12:43 CET 2005

 Hi guys,

  i have put the haret-j820 sources and compiled binary to
  This is alpha software, it can't (yet) boot the linux kernel/ramdisk
  (at least i couldn't :) and has other bugs, but one can use some 
  simple debugging features. A primitive example is given below.
  Let me know if you will hit the bugs.


print "PMCR=%8.8x\n" PMW(0x90020000)
print "PSSR=%8.8x\n" PMW(0x90020004)
print "PSPR=%8.8x\n" PMW(0x90020008)
print "PWER=%8.8x\n" PMW(0x9002000c)
print "PCFR=%8.8x\n" PMW(0x90020010)
print "PPCR=%8.8x\n" PMW(0x90020014)
print "PGSR=%8.8x\n" PMW(0x90020018)
print "POSR=%8.8x\n" PMW(0x9002001c)

print "PSDR=%8.8x\n" PMW(0x9006000C)
print "RCNR=%8.8x\n" PMW(0x90010004)
print "OIER=%8.8x\n" PMW(0x9000001c)

print "GPLR=%8.8x\n" PMW(0x90040000)
print "GPDR=%8.8x\n" PMW(0x90040004)
print "GRER=%8.8x\n" PMW(0x90040010)
print "GFER=%8.8x\n" PMW(0x90040014)
print "GEDR=%8.8x\n" PMW(0x90040018)
print "GAFR=%8.8x\n" PMW(0x9004001c)

print "SSCR0=%8.8x\n" PMW(0x80070060)
#print " SSDR=%8.8x\n" PMW(0x8007006C)
print "MCDR2=%8.8x\n" PMW(0x80060010)

print "PCCR=%8.8x\n" PMW(0x181e0000)
print "PCSS=%8.8x\n" PMW(0x181e0400)
print "PCSR=%8.8x\n" PMW(0x181e0800)
print "ADDR=%8.8x\n" PMW(0x18300800)
print "BDDR=%8.8x\n" PMW(0x18300c00)
print "ADRR=%8.8x\n" PMW(0x18300000)
print "BDRR=%8.8x\n" PMW(0x18300400)
print "INTENA0=%8.8x\n" PMW(0x18162000)
print "INTENA1=%8.8x\n" PMW(0x18162400)
print "INTPOL0=%8.8x\n" PMW(0x18163000)
print "INTPOL1=%8.8x\n" PMW(0x18163400)
print "INTSTA0=%8.8x\n" PMW(0x18166000)
print "INTSTA1=%8.8x\n" PMW(0x18166400)

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