cross-preparing j820 userland on i386

Oleg Gusev
Sat Jan 29 21:11:59 CET 2005

On Saturday 29 January 2005 18:17, Faré wrote:
> you can run your arm binaries with qemu on your favorite desktop and
> help prepare a platform for your Z without suffering from the
> limitations in size and speed of memory, disk and network that you
> have with native installation!

Can it run wince binaries ? I think the answer is 'no'.

> PS: oleg, the image you published on the site doesn't allow for dpkg
> to run. Ouch. I'll have to retry based on powerworkstation or some
> such...
Probably i have removed the ~6MB package list, which is (was)
an unbelievable luxury on a CF. 

> If/when it dies, I intend to stop using the j820 and instead
> acquire whichever latest and greatest Zaurus there is. The SL-C3000
> looks just great.

Then you will not need to hack anymore :) What i'm missing on my
zaurus is the 'winece'.


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