cross-preparing j820 userland on i386

Armijn Hemel
Sat Jan 29 22:53:47 CET 2005

On Sat, Jan 29, 2005 at 06:17:02PM +0100, Faré wrote:

> stop responding while the screen would become wild. If you have an
> idea what went wrong, or if you know how to salvage parts from the
> machine, I can send you the non-working unit. I'm now using my last
> machine. If/when it dies, I intend to stop using the j820 and instead
> acquire whichever latest and greatest Zaurus there is. The SL-C3000
> looks just great.
> Cheers!

That would, ehr, suck. I've become pretty much attached to my Jornada
as a wireless terminal (orinoco card + wireless tools + ssh and use
screen on the remote machine I ssh into).

Could it be that it's just the battery? I've got a dead j820, with a
functional battery, which is available for salvaging.


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