My Jornada, Linux and me

Oleg Gusev
Mon Jul 11 23:08:36 CEST 2005

On Monday 11 July 2005 21:06, Malte Wedel wrote:
> Is there anybody, who knows a little bit more about this magic TAR.bz2
> file? 

Even i don't really remember the details. It was a standard zaurus
ROM, not the 5500 thing, but C760 or something like that,
much more powerful and with the SA1110 processor.
I have dowloaded it somewhere and mounted over loop device. 
Then i began to  manually unpack the debian packages (unstable at that time)
and put them on top of this ROM.
Then i have made a TAR.bgz and unpacked that on a CF card.
So there was nothing special about it.
My "current" CF is a similar mess, maybe better than the old one,
but not much. Old bugs are fixed, the new bugs are introduced.


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