My Jornada, Linux and me

Malte Wedel
Mon Jul 11 21:06:28 CEST 2005

Hello again,

I am having more and more fun with my Jornada, even if I don't have a 
network adapter yet, but only play around with my CF cards.

I found out, why the mailinglist archive didn't work for me... The URL 
was not good working together with the relative links inside of the 
document. If I open

the links are all working as expected. A search for the archives would 
be really helpful. What do you think about making the mailing list 
archive public, and putting a link to the mailing list archives on the 
j820-homepage. Then Google will do the rest of the work for us...

I changed the wiki-page for quick install according to the answers I 
got, and old mails in the archive.

Is there anybody, who knows a little bit more about this magic TAR.bz2 
file? As far I found out, this is an old version of the zaurus-archive, 
that was incrementally improved and extended to somehow work on the 
jornada. I will try to find out the important changes (as far as I 
understand until now, it's the helper apps for kernel modules, and a lot 
inside of /etc), but of course this is a lot easier, if someone still 
knows what was done, to get it working.

So long,

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