Which X for the jornada?

Faré fahree@gmail.com
Tue Jul 26 04:37:42 CEST 2005

SUCCESS WITH XFree86! It was HELL, but in the end, I got the keyboard to work.

With kbd_mode -k and a modified pc keymap, everything works fine
including autorepeat, without any missing key.

Overcome glitches:
* the Ctrl key didn't show up at all (no event in xev), until I mapped
it to left control instead of right. I fixed j820_keyb.c, and in the
meantime, I setkeycode 68 29.
*, the keyboard and kbd drivers have a different keycode for "Right",
otherwise, they both run fine.
* It was very difficult to convince X to use MEDIUM_RAW. I could find
no option in the XF86Config-4, and when I inserted a kbd_mode -k in my
xinitrc, it was executed on the wrong tty, and I have no idea how to
detect which tty X uses. The solution I found was to xterm -geometry
1x1 -e sudo kbd_mode -k in my xinitrc. Whoa!

Working Xmodmap attached.

In addition to the mkxdeb script, I probably should make an archive of
a set of file to put in /etc so as to have a properly configured,
usable machine.

PS: it's very nice being in X again. It feels much faster than the
console. qiv is much faster and better than fbi, and with xpdf, I can
read what I write once again!

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