screenshots ;-)

Stanley Kardach
Tue Mar 1 12:54:00 CET 2005

ok here are some screenshots (well actually these are photo taken by my  
digital camera), that show freeciv running with xaw3d client, and the  
funny effects it gives. Look at the mouse cursor. When it's inside freeciv  
window, the game colors are ok and the rest is messed, when it's outside  
then game colors are messed and rest is ok. Photos are big (2272x1704, 1  
photo is round 700-800kb) but i'm in a hurry and i can't be late or my  
girlfriend will kill me :P. On the other hand you can see every pixel on  
these photos, somehow it reminds me looking at gameboy screen ;-). I'll  
try to make some screenies with xwd and convert them to some "friendly"  
format today evening, until then it's all i have:  (it's a image gallery)


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