Roman Stanchak
Fri Mar 4 19:33:55 CET 2005

Hi all, 
After much anticipation, I just received a j820 last
week and have been trying to install Linux.  I must
admit, I haven't had the easiest time, as it seems the
documentation is very sparse and difficult to access. 

I would really like to remedy this situation, so I
plan to document my entire installation process so
that people who try this in the future have a bit more
to work with.  

I'm slightly obsessed with wiki's, so I would very
much like to set one up for people to more easily
generate documentation for this great device.

It seems that this can be done on sf's web space with
phpwiki -- Barring any objections or alternate
suggestions, I'm going to set this up with my newly
granted 'developer' status.  Please let me know.


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