Some Jornada 820 questions

Andy Bartlett
Tue Mar 8 02:14:01 CET 2005

I've been following this thread with great curiosity for at least a year
if not two as I agree with it's smiten fan-atics that the 820 is
obviously a great design. 

Alas, it got CE. I'd use one now in spite of CE if it had anything like
a decent browser. However my understanding is there's no fix for that.
The combination of great keyboard/trackpad, color screen, unobtrusive
size, long battery life and light weight still make it truly hard to

Thus, some questions:
Who was the principal designer of the Jornada 820? What does he do now?
Is he aware of it's diehard fan club and the attempts here? Would he
consider doing an updated model?

Anyone care to venture a guess as to whether there will be a completed
linux or other package available. No way to run an updated version of CE
on it I presume.

Andy Bartlett

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