Some Jornada 820 questions

Tue Mar 8 02:59:56 CET 2005

>: Andy Bartlett
> Who was the principal designer of the Jornada 820?
Some unknown guy at HP.

> What does he do now?
He and his team all moved out of HP during the dotcom boom, never to
be heard of again. Opensource people at HP haven't been able to locate
any of them, or any documentation whatsoever about their work.

> Is he aware of it's diehard fan club and the attempts here? Would he
> consider doing an updated model?
I doubt it. On the other hand, if you're into this kind of things, you
could design your own, or join a company that does. There are many
companies, in the US, in Japan, in China, in Korea, in Canada, and
other places, that develop embedded devices and PDAs. If the guys were
still interested in such a job, they would have gone there.

If you can stand the tiny screen and keyboard, mind particularly the
Zaurus SL-C3000 from Sharp.

If you can't stand that small a form factor, you might be interested
in tiny PCs such as the Sony Vaio U-series, Panasonic R3, etc. Check
out for lots of cool gadgets -- though it's not forcibly
the cheapest place to purchase from.

> Anyone care to venture a guess as to whether there will be a completed
> linux or other package available. No way to run an updated version of CE
> on it I presume.
It'll be quicker if you pay me :)
I can give you access to a copy of the debian installation on my 1GB
CF, if you care to try it and package it.


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