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Subject: [jornada] jornada news
Date: Wednesday 23 March 2005 18:38
From: alexgrosy@t-online.de
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as of familiar 0.8.2, the Jornada 56x and the Jornada 720 (with flashboard)
are officially supported. I will not build any unofficial snapshots anymore.
Familiar 0.8.2 is still in RC stage, but you can get fresh snapshots from
There is also a feed available. All machines share the same feed. GPE is
 still broken, Opie is, as always, fine.

What has changed since the last release?
- Battery life during sleep is much better (i.e suspend/resume fully
 debugged) - Backlight is flicker-free at all brightness settings
- some other bugs were fixed

I now declare the Jornada 56x linux port suitable for users, not only for
freaks :)

what about sound, IrDA and AC status?
I'm very close to get the sound going, the only thing missing is that stupid
L3 interface. I have no idea at all how this is controlled. Please HP, I need
the datasheets of the ASIC to find out how this is controlled.
I have attached my current audio driver to this email, if you are interested
you can check the comments in the l3_jornada56x_send_data() function which is
probably the last function needed to get the Jornada talking with us.
I did not yet find out how the AC status is checked. (probably also somehow
through the ASIC)
IrDA might work in SIR mode (I will check that soon)

kind regards,

Alex Lange (irc.handhelds.org: Chicken in #opie.de, #opie and #handhelds.org)
Handhelds.org kernel developer (Jornada series)
check http://handhelds.org for further details

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