unhh branch

Faré fahree@gmail.com
Sun May 1 00:51:53 CEST 2005

Dear jornada820 hackers,

here are some more news from the unhh branch.

* Apparently, getting the USB to compile with 2.4.27-vrs1 entails to
backport some pci layer emulation from sa1111 to sa1101 or so. I'll
leave USB disabled for the moment. Any taker for that part? Does
anyone understand whether I should adapt the sa1111 code to sa1101, or
whether I should do something altogether different? Would it actually
work to just modify existing sa1111 code into sa11x1 code, with #ifdef
surrounding the sa1101 or sa1111 code (supposing you never compile a
kernel simultaneously for sa1101 and sa1111 anyway)?

* busybox now uses subversion instead of CVS. I changed the scripts to
use the 1.00 release instead of CVS. Just changing two lines could get
you to use the code from subversion instead, if you so desired.

* I reverted to 2.4.19-* and tried to run my newly bought DWL-650 card
with the orinoco driver. The hermes driver reported a "timeout waiting
for card to reset", and then announced it failed to initialize
firmware (err = -110). I may have to find a windows laptop so as to
upload a recent firmware onto the card...

* With pcmcia_cs 3.2.8, cardmgr still segfaults and dies while
grabbing the pcmcia lock; it survives long enough to initialize an
already-inserted ethernet card, however. Do you have an idea what I
could be doing wrong? An oops reports a null pointer dereference.

Maybe the whole idea of spending time on kernel 2.4.27-vrs1 is a waste
of time, and 2.4.19-foo works well enough, and hacking should happen
on I still think this job should be done in branch unhh
until it works reasonably well. And if that pcmcia is fixed, we'll
have as much functionality in the unhh kernel as the previous one.
Moreover, I think that the main branch might not even compile anymore
due to bitrot between our CVS and the CVS from handhelds.org on which
we rely (or maybe we can have our scripts checkout from handhelds.org
with a certain date back in time when it is known to work?)

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