Hello all and a small network connection question

Ian Jordan immolo@recallhosting.com
Fri May 6 00:27:55 CEST 2005

Faré wrote:

>Dear Immolo,
>>I've been looking to start working on a project like this for sometime
>>and have come across a HP Jornada 820 what I was hoping is if anyone
>>knows a wireless card that works well with this device as I belive due
>>to the nature of the device being a handheld it will be better to move
>>around with it and will also allow me to setup a distcc with my home server.
>Any 16-bit PC-Card supported by Linux 2.4 should work.
>This means NOT a 32-bit CardBus.
>Oleg has managed to get a prism2 card (Netgear MA701) working with
>hostap. I think mine (D-Link DWL-650, not to be confused with the
>32-bit DWL-650+) is going to work with linux-wlan-ng, but I need to
>recompile it for a working kernel and my latest attempt (a linux
>2.4.27-vrs1 kernel) had general kernel problems with PCMCIA. This
>means you'll have a 5.5Mbps 802.11b card at best, I think, but it's
>not like the CPU can do anything interesting to sustain 11Mbps
>802.11g, anyway.
>BTW, I remember that the symptom I have with my 2.4.27-vrs1 kernel
>regarding cardmgr oopsing with a lock, someone else was having before,
>and we fixed it. Does anyone remember what was the fix? Or was it
>fixed upstream by the hh kernel?
>PS: beware that a network card will eat a lot of batteries -- remove
>it when you're not using it and have no wall plug.
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Thank you for your reply from reading the documents of the site I did
notice the use of only 16bit pc card only and if I rememeber rightly a
pc card will drain 80% of battery overnight but that was in windows I
will looking to some of those cards as so far I have only really looked
at ones that work with the windows version and by the looks of things
the drivers will only work on x86 systems.


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