Why isn't the sourceforge project page updated by some of you guys with experience ?

Roman Stanchak rstanchak@yahoo.com
Mon May 9 22:12:16 CEST 2005

A good place to start is the information on the wiki
(jornada820.sf.net/wiki).  It should help you at least
get a base distro running.  There are still a few
issues that I would *really* appreciate someone with
more experience to comment on (i.e. colors in x,
running out of pty's ... ) that are preventing me from
using it.


--- Mark Ellis Bailey <MEB@dpu.dk> wrote:

> Wouldn't it be a great place to put some
> documentation on the project? 
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/jornada820/
> The mailing list Is very useful for development, but
> not exactly great
> for a project overview.
> I think it's the coolest project, but it lacks
> documentation of where to
> start and what the current status of the project is.
> I know I should do it myself before asking the
> forum, but I haven't yet
> started "improving" my Jornada820 from the WinCE
> system.
> Best Mark
> > 
> -- 
> Mailing list info:
> http://lists.linux.it/listinfo/jornada820

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