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Tue Oct 18 14:26:19 CEST 2005

On 13/10/05, Roman Stanchak <rstanchak@yahoo.com> wrote:
> I built a 2.4 kernel from CVS this weekend, and it
> works nicely, except CTRL-C doesn't seem to work to
> kill misbehaving programs.
Do you run things in a proper tty, or are you running them in the
initial console? It seems that busybox, run in the latter, thinks
something is wrong and won't enable job control or anything. Using
busybox's openvt will save your day.

> I thought I remembered this working on an earlier
> kernel, so I perused the CVS commits and found that
> CTRL had been remapped from LEFT_CTRL to RIGHT_CTRL
> recently.
Must be one of my usual dyslexic thinkos.

> This would seem to be correct, and sure enough
> switching it back to LEFT_CTRL didn't fix my CTRL-C
> problem.

> Anybody have any other idea on this? Waiting for wget
> to timeout is really painful...
You should definitely be using multiple VTs and/or screen(1). If
you're in the initial console and want to bootstrap into an
installation afterwards, be sure to exit or kill all processes but the
initial process and in-kernel daemons, though. Or else your ramdisk
will remain locked in kernel RAM.

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