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Wed Sep 7 06:50:05 CEST 2005

On 07/09/05, Roman Stanchak <rstanchak@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi Faré,
> Thanks for the reply -- I tried mkxdeb, but I run
> gentoo, and it seemed to have a lot of dependencies on
> debian things that I was missing.  Maybe I just didn't
> hack into it deeply enough.  I'll take a closer look.
Oh, well, mkxdeb depends on debootstrap, dpkg, apt and maybe a few
other debian utilities; or you may most easily install a small x86
debian with debootstrap to run in a chroot as a cross-installer for

> In terms of OE, I am trying to do exactly what you
> suggested -- building our current kernel and initrd in
> oe -- the kernel part works, I'm now just stuck on how
> to integrate the initrd.
It's really not very interesting to work on replacing the initrd --
the current setup works, and the initrd is freed once you mount your
CF, anyway. If you're going to hack OE, it's much more important to
have produce a slim userland with a small libc.

> I did see the posts about the j720 images as well --
> I'll definitely give those a try soon.

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