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Wed Sep 7 06:28:36 CEST 2005

I know I will sound like a spoiled brat, but I'd say just buy a >=
512MB CF (preferrably >= 1GB) and then use debian with my mkxdeb
script and/or with j720 images (see recent archives of the
jornada@handhelds.org mailing-list).

And I'll sound interested, but I'd rather see someone hacking the 2.6
kernel and/or USB support than making a new distribution. Kernel
hacking may sound impressive, but the kind of stuff involved in
porting is not THAT difficult, especially considering that you're got
stuff to get inspiration from with the 2.4 j820 code and the 2.6 j720
code. Another good hack would be to get that schemix thing working
(some symbols are missing at link time -- perhaps floating point
support stuff inserted by the compiler).

That said, if you're into OE stuff, you should at least in a first
time keep the current kernel and initrd as they are and get OE up and
running just for the userland. Then, you could write some Makefile
magic (some stuff is already there disabled in the current Makefile
and conf/ directory) to build the initrd from components taken off OE.
By that time, perhaps someone will have gotten 2.6 running with

On 07/09/05, Roman Stanchak <rstanchak@yahoo.com> wrote:
> My main goal is to build a distro
> for the j820 from scratch using the openembedded build
> system.

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