Is the HP Jornada 820 going to be saved from proprietary sofware that enslaved it with limited support to grow inexpensively.
Fri Apr 28 08:36:15 CEST 2006

I have recently stumbled upon Fares bounty to port linux to the 820. I
have since purchased a HP Jornada and a second one for the expansion
memory. As I understand,
as of how long ago Support is still lacking for the following devices:
sa1101-fb (external VGA), sa1101-usb, ucb1x00-audio, ucb1x00-dac and
ucb1x00-gpio, decoding ser1 (1200 bps) battery datastream, poweroff/sleep,

So basicly the 820 is lacking the full functionality of the unit. I'm not
sure how much things have progressed since this information was posted. I
would like to
be able to make use of some of these features. As Fare had origionally
started out
to get underway this project with bribes of bounty. I am offering a 820
unit teamed up with a power supply and sync cable that Fare might be able
to provide.
I have only one power supply and sync cable and they will have to serve my
The other alternative would be for me to sell this unit and offer a cash
to aid in rewarding a hard working hacker for his contribution. I would
like to
be updated of future advances in return for my charity.

If you are a dedicated individual with the knowledge to be able to help
advance this
project then I think that this unit, my backup unit, will be better off in
your hands.


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