jornada820 status

Thu Feb 14 07:48:39 CET 2008

While I'm happily using my old jornada820,
* modern Linux ARM distributions all require a recent 2.6 kernel.
* the Jornada820 only has an antiquated 2.4 kernel
* the Jornada720 is in the mainline and can serve as inspiration for a 2.6 port
* a 2.6 port would still require a lot of work
* one can get a modern machine such as a Nokia N810, ASUS Eee PC,
Everex Cloudbook or XO-1 Laptop for a few hundred bucks.

The Jornada 820 is thus probably dead, unless some retrocomputist
decides he'll spend precious time on that obsolete machine.

However, if someone wants to take over Jornada 820 development, I'll
happily send him my current machine, as soon as my modern replacement
has arrived.

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