jornada820 status

Tim Roberts
Thu Feb 14 19:02:14 CET 2008

Faré wrote:
> While I'm happily using my old jornada820,
> * modern Linux ARM distributions all require a recent 2.6 kernel.
> * the Jornada820 only has an antiquated 2.4 kernel
> * the Jornada720 is in the mainline and can serve as inspiration for a 2.6 port
> * a 2.6 port would still require a lot of work
> * one can get a modern machine such as a Nokia N810, ASUS Eee PC,
> Everex Cloudbook or XO-1 Laptop for a few hundred bucks.
> The Jornada 820 is thus probably dead, unless some retrocomputist
> decides he'll spend precious time on that obsolete machine.
> However, if someone wants to take over Jornada 820 development, I'll
> happily send him my current machine, as soon as my modern replacement
> has arrived.

This is sad, but true.  I, too, am just about to give up my trusty 
Jornada 820 and buy a $400 "eee PC".  The battery on my 820 is only 
lasting about 3 hours (whereas it used to last 10), and it no longer 
seems possible to buy replacement batteries -- I've tried.

It's too bad.  The 820 was a great machine that never got the respect it 
deserved.  It still brings "oohs" and "aahs" when I pull it out at 
meetings to take notes.

Tim Roberts,
Providenza & Boekelheide, Inc.

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