[LTP] [PATCH 1/1] ipneigh01: Replace TCONF error message with TINFO

Petr Vorel pvorel@suse.cz
Mon May 7 14:13:12 CEST 2018

Hi Anton, Alexey,

> Hi Alexey

> This is my first attempt to contribute to LTP project. Disadvantage of this
> is the fact that I can ask some obvious for you question ( hope you will
> forgive me that) , but advantage that I have a fresh look so I can point out
> to something that is wrong but you just get used too.

> First of all let's clarify something not related to this PR directly :

> > > And why it is more appropriate? TCONF is not an error message.
> In LTP documentation TCONF defined as - "The test case was not appropriate
> for the current hardware or software configuration". So I would not call it
> error too but I would say that it is some flavor of "SKIPPED" state.
> Where you want to say "this test case can't run currently so I can't say if
> it is passed or failed"
You can see it in in tst_resm() in testcases/lib/test.sh
    case "$ret" in

This is legacy API, new API behaves differently, see testcases/lib/tst_test.sh and doc:
Legacy API is in maintenance mode (only bugfixes are allowed), some things aren't optimal
and not going to change).

> Second thing which needs to be taken in consideration  I clarified with Petr
> Vorel in conversation outside this ML - test counter changed only on TPASS
> or TFAIL. This lead us to really confusing log output :

> 1.
>    ipneigh01 1 TINFO: initialize 'lhost' 'ltp_ns_veth2' interface
> 2.
>    ipneigh01 1 TINFO: set local addr
> 3.
>    ipneigh01 1 TINFO: set local addr fd00:1:1:1::2/64
> 4.
>    ipneigh01 1 TINFO: initialize 'rhost' 'ltp_ns_veth1' interface
> 5.
>    ipneigh01 1 TINFO: set remote addr
> 6.
>    ipneigh01 1 TINFO: set remote addr fd00:1:1:1::1/64
> 7.
>    ipneigh01 1 TINFO: Network config (local -- remote):
> 8.
>    ipneigh01 1 TINFO: ltp_ns_veth2 -- ltp_ns_veth1
> 9.
>    ipneigh01 1 TINFO: --
> 10.
>    ipneigh01 1 TINFO: fd00:1:1:1::2/64 -- fd00:1:1:1::1/64
> 11.
>    ipneigh01 1 TCONF: 'arp cmd doesn't support IPv6, skipping test-case
> 12.
>    ipneigh01 1 TINFO: Stress auto-creation of NDISC cache entry
> 13.
>    ipneigh01 1 TINFO: by pinging 'fd00:1:1:1::1' and deleting entry again
> 14.
>    ipneigh01 1 TINFO: with 'ip neigh del fd00:1:1:1::1 dev ltp_ns_veth2'
> 15.
>    ipneigh01 1 TPASS: verified adding/removing of NDISC cache entry

> Please correct me if I missing something but I read this like "ok we can't
> run this test case because arp cmd doesn't support IPv6 , ah but wait test
> case is passed ".

> After all discussions around that patch and all info which I gain I can
> agree that changing TCONF with TINFO was bad idea , but if we will just
> "fix" issue by changing TST_TOTAL value to 1 ( if I correctly understand
> your suggestion )
> this will not remove this confusion.
There are 2 options:
1) a quick solution: for IPv6 change TST_TOTAL=1 and remove TCONF (skip it quietly)
2) add command parameter to test and call it 2x in runtest file for IPv4 (arp and ip) and
only once for (ip) for IPv6. See this commit, which does the same:
d1291fda8 network/interface: Split tests to test only one command per test
In this case might be better to migrate test into new shell API first (but not required).

> Only valid fix which I see is change behavior of LTP to change test case
> counter after TCONF which makes total sense for me , but most probably I
> missing something and you had some reasons to not changing counter on TCONF
> messages. Can you please elaborate them ?

Kind regards,

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