[LTP] [PATCH v2 1/1] ipneigh : Use new API

Anton Smorodskyi asmorodskyi@suse.de
Wed May 16 15:05:16 CEST 2018

Hi Petr,

Thanks for review !

> I'm sorry to NACK your patch, there needs to be some changes to done.
> Some change I'd like to have is to pass this script command (-c [ arp | ip ]) and run test
> only once, i.e. TST_CNT=1 (then it does not need to be included).
> Then in runtest files it'd be:
> diff --git runtest/net.ipv6 runtest/net.ipv6
> -ipneigh601 ipneigh01.sh -6
> +ipneigh6_ip ipneigh01.sh -6 -c ip
> diff --git runtest/net.tcp_cmds runtest/net.tcp_cmds
> -ipneigh01 ipneigh01.sh
> +ipneigh01_arp ipneigh01.sh -c arp
> +ipneigh01_ip ipneigh01.sh -c ip
> By this test is 1) cleaner 2) we get rid of TCONF for IPv6.

ok , make sense .

>> +			tst_res TCONF "'arp cmd doesn't support IPv6, skipping test-case"
> You still do TCONF.
Yes and it make perfect sense now because I am doing exit just after 
this message , so it is ok
>>   		ping$TST_IPV6 -q -c1 $rhost > /dev/null
> It looks to me better using tst_ping() from tst_net.sh (API function, other tests use it).
> Then we could get rid of checking in do_setup:
> tst_check_cmds arp grep ping$TST_IPV6
ok , was not aware about that , will change this

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