[LTP] recvmmsg(2) system call tests

Ramon Pantin pantin@google.com
Sat Nov 3 23:18:52 CET 2018

Pardon the typo, can you indicate *what* the problem is with using C99.

On 11/03/18 15:16, Ramon Pantin wrote:
> Cyril,
> Can you help me understand why you don't want to allow this test case 
> to make use of the C99 programming language?
> It is only a 19 year old standard.
> If there is a problem with C99 use, can you indicate that the problem is?
> thank you,
> Ramon
> On 11/02/18 03:52, Cyril Hrubis wrote:
>> Actually the default for gcc is gnu90 which is close to c99 anyways, so
>> we do not have to do anything about it.

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