[LTP] uclinux support?

Cyril Hrubis chrubis@suse.cz
Mon Nov 12 15:22:40 CET 2018

> > uClinux support in LTP has been broken for years and nobody seemed to
> > really care. I even tried to ask if there is someone interesting in
> > running LTP on uClinux on the uClinux mailing list but it seems that
> > even the list is basically dead at this point. So for a last year or so
> > we are slowly getting rid of the uClinux specific bits from the codebase
> > in order to simplify the LTP maintenance. You are free to step up and
> > restore uClinux support in LTP if you have time for that but unless that
> > happens we will continue to stage it out.
> >
> OK understood, I was right to ask :)
> I'd like to roll back to a point where it was mostly working, any idea
> when that would be?
> I've looked at the history, and tried several commits that seemed to
> remove uclinux support,
> but I'm still facing similar errors (I'm now back to 2011....)

Actually I have no idea. But generally the further back you go the more
unstable the whole LTP gets. I'm pretty sure you will not be able to
even compile 10 years old LTP regardless the uClinux enabled or not.

Looking at the commit logs it looks like last time anything has been
fixed for uClinux was 2009.

> A point were a subset worked would be nice, I'd like to run tests
> involving unwinding and signals.

You may be better off taking an LTP from 2016 before we added the new
LTP test library which is about the time we started to remove uClinux
support, i.e. before commit:

commit bbdb9f78378c7e038f463efa39d2470e1c51ad54
Author: Cyril Hrubis <chrubis@suse.cz>
Date:   Wed Mar 16 15:53:57 2016 +0100

    lib: Add new test library API

And disable tests until it compiles.

Cyril Hrubis

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