[LTP] [PATCH] syscalls/copy_file_range02: Expect EFBIG in subcase max length on 32-bit architectures

Li Wang liwang@redhat.com
Fri Jun 19 10:33:28 CEST 2020

On Thu, Jun 18, 2020 at 5:21 PM <zhe.he@windriver.com> wrote:

> From: He Zhe <zhe.he@windriver.com>
> For syscall
> ssize_t copy_file_range(int fd_in, loff_t *off_in,
>                                int fd_out, loff_t *off_out,
>                                size_t len, unsigned int flags);
> off_out is loff_t* that is long long, 64 bits on 32-bit architectures,
> while len is size_t that unsigned int, 32 bits on 32-bit architectures.
> In subcase "max length", simplified as below,
> dst = tst_max_lfs_filesize();
> TEST(sys_copy_file_range(fd_src, 0, *tc->copy_to_fd, &dst, tc->len,
> tc->flags));
> where dst is 4K*4G and len is 4G, so (4K+1)*4G is always smaller than
> 4G*4G,
> it can never match the following kernel condition on 32-bit architectures.

Thanks for fixing this, pushed.

Li Wang
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