project facilitation

abayode cole
Tue, 2 Jul 2002 02:21:58 -0700


First=2C I must solicit your confidence in this transaction=3B this is by
virtue of itsnature as being utterly CONFIDENTIAL and TOP SECRET=2E
Though=2C l know that a transactionof this magnitude will make any one
apprehensive and worried=2C but I am assuring youthat all will be well
at the end of the day=2E I have decided to contact you by postdue to
the confidentiality of this transaction=2E

Let me start by first introducing myself to you=2E I am MR ABAYODE
COLE=2C managing Directorwith Dirk Oil & gas Ltd=2C Lagos=2E


A foreigner=2C late Dr Dirk Vulysteke=2C an Oil Merchant=2Fcontractor with
the federalGovernment of Nigeria=2C was my senior partner at Dirk Oil &
gas=2C until his suddendeath two years ago in a ghastly air crash
=28Kenya Airways=29=2C left an open =22WILL=22which i assisted him in drafting
and having worked with him for over 20yrs=2EThe said=22WILL=22 has no
beneficiary because we were still contemplating how to share among
various organization=28charity=29 all over the World=2E This we could not
do beforehe met his untimely death=2E This company will be folding up
in the next one year andhe was the sole signatory of the company
account=2C which to my knowledge has a closingbalance of US$30=2E5
Million =28Thirty point Five million united States Dollars=29 As hedid
not leave any =22WILL=22 behind the management of his bank has
writtenseries of letters to me as his =28Dr Dirk Vulysteke=29 confidant
requesting to know whatnext is to be done=2E

 I'm under pressure from his banker's=2C that is why I'm soliciting for
your assistanceso that you could help me to facilitate the removal of
this fund=2E If we do not actfast the bank reserved the right to
declare the fund    =22UNCLAIMABLE=22=2EAnd in most cases such fund would
subsequently be donated to the Trust Fund for thepurchase of arms and
Ammunition=2C which will further enhance the course of war inAfrica and
the world in general=2E

In order to avert this negative development=2C I seek for your
permission to have youstand as late Dr Dirk Vulysteke next of kin so
that the fund=2C US$30=2E5M=2Ewould be subsequentlytransferred and paid
into your bank account as the beneficiary's next of kin=2E Alldocuments
and proves to enable you get this fund have been carefully worked out
andI'm assuring you a 100% risk free involvement=2E Your share would be
30% of the totalamount=2E 10% has been set aside for expenses while 60%
shall be for me=2C this willeventually be invested in your country=2E

If this proposal is OK by you and you do wish to take advantage of
the trust i hopeto bestow on you=2C then kindly get immediately to me
via e-mail furnishing me withyour most confidential telephone=2C fax
number so that I can contact you and make availablerelevant details
of this transaction=2E

Thank you in advance for your anticipated co-operation=2E