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From;Mr.Daniel Kargbo and Family,
         Johannesburg,South Africa.
My Dear ,
                                 REQUEST FOR AN URGENT ASSISTANCE.
             Good day.This very confidential request should not come as =
a surprise to you.But it is because of=20
the nature of what is happening to me and my family urged me to contact =
you.I had already sent you this=20
same request by post a month ago,but I am not sure if it did get to you =
since I have not heard from you=20
since then,hence my resending it again through this your e-mail adress w=
hich I understand is not the best=20
way to contact you because of the nature of my request and the attention=
 it requires.I got your contact=20
information from your country's foreign office with the external affairs=
 ministry,here in johannesburg,during my=20
desperate search for someone who can assist me secretly and confidential=
ly in relocating and managing=20
some family fortunes.
             My name is Mr.Daniel Kargbo,the second son of Mr.Smith Thab=
o Kargbo,of Beithbridge=20
Zimbabwe.At the height of the present political crises in our country,in=
 which the white farmers in our=20
country are being slained and ripped off their belongings by the support=
ers of our president,Mr.Robert=20
G.Mugabe,in their efforts to reclaim all the white owned farms in our co=
untry,my father and my elder brother=20
were brutally slained to a painful death in their struggle to protect so=
me white farmers who ran to take refuge=20
in our house.My father,during his life on earth was a prominent business=
 man who trades on Diamond and=20
Gold from some foreign countries .He publicly opposes the crude policies=
 and crime against humanity on the=20
white farmers by Mr.Robert Mugabe and his followers,as a result of which=
 the presidents followers invaded=20
my fathers house,burnt down everything and brutally slained him and my e=
lder brother to death due to their=20
role in trying to protect these white farmers on the 13th of february,20=
02.And using media law restrictions to=20
protect their wicked acts.That not being enough,the president and his fo=
llowers after winning the last=20
undemocratic elections decided to block and confiscate all accounts and =
assets of our black =20
indigenes[that included my fathers assets and accounts] who are opposing=
 his policies and render support=20
to these white farmers,along with the assets of these white farmers them=
selves,that are being presently=20
confiscated.I therefore decided to move my mother and younger sister to =
the Republic of South=20
Africa,where we presently live without anything and without any source o=
f livelyhood.
               During my fathers life on earth,he had deposited the sum =
of  Twelve Million  United States=20
Dollars[$]in a Trunk box with a Finance and Security Compan=
y in the Republic of Togo for a=20
cash and carry Diamond and Gold  business with some business customers, =
awaiting instructions to be=20
moved to its destination,which he never completed before he met his unti=
mely death on that faithful day.In=20
view of this and as the only surviving son of my father,and with the pre=
sent clamp down,killing and=20
confiscation of his assets as one of those who render support to the whi=
te farmers in our country,I therefore=20
humbly wish to inform you of my intentions  to use your name and adress =
in making sure that this fund is=20
lifted out of Africa finally,to the Europe office of the finance company=
 and also seek for your honest and=20
trustworthy assistance to help me clear and accommodate this money  over=
 there before it is dictated out=20
and blocked by the present Mugabe's regime.The valid document covering i=
ts deposition there is at present=20
with my mother.
               Now this is what I actually want you to do for me;
1.I want you to be presented to the Finance and Security company as my f=
amily's close friend and as the=20
owner/beneficiary of this money with whose name and adress me and my mot=
her will forward to them there=20
in the Republic of Togo as the person that will clear this money when th=
ey lift it out to their europe office.
2.To assist me in getting a living home/house in your country where I wi=
ll come and settle down and take=20
care of my family.
3.To finally assist me in accommodating and managing this money in any l=
ucrative business in your country=20
for at least three years.
                Myself and my mother have agreed to give you 25% of this=
 money for assisting us in the areas I=20
pleaded above,while the remaining 75% will be for me and my family for o=
ur future investments,tax and other=20
expenses that might be incured in the course of this,which will depend o=
n your assistance.
                Please,I hope you will grant and view this very request =
with favour and much understanding of=20
our situation now,and will be a very honest and reliable person to deal =
with.And also bearing in mind the=20
confidential nature of this my request,I emphasize please that you keep =
every bit of it to yourself so as to=20
protect my familys future and yourself rendering this help.Thanking you =
in anticipation of your urgent=20
response as soon as you read this very request.
Best Regards,
Mr.Daniel Kargbo and family. =20

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