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Dear sir,
I am a member of the financial sector of my country
Kuwait. My country offered a contract for the purchase
of a large quantity of some international products which had 
already being supplied by a forign company (Allied Dealers ltd) in 
The office of the Crown Prince and the Prime Miniter,
Sheikh Saad Al Abdullah Al Salem Al Sabah, is against
the prolific and indiscriminate issuance of huge
contracts to governmental officials, staffs still in
service,and also individuals who do not queue for such
priviledged consideration.
The total amount involved for the supplies,was($52million 
USD).Fifty Two Million U.S.Dollars,which has being paid to the 
foreign company Allied Dealers ltd, that carried out the 
supplies,to my country kuwait. Kindly Be informed at these initial 
stage that the sole purpose of my concern in these 
that all prices for the product that was supllied by(Aliied 
dealers ltd) was over invioced by 50% from the original price that 
was tendered,Which is $26 Million U.S Dollars..
I am hereby proposing to you as a foreign contractor to
assist us with the following informations needed for
the transfer of these over invoiced funds which is $26
Million U.S.Dollars.the informations that is needed
 from you,for the transfer of the over inflated funds
to you, for safe keeping until I meet with you in
your country to invest my own part of the funds is as
(1) Your companys name,
(2) A safe foreign bank account informations,
(3) Company's address and
(4) Full names of the beneficiary.
All the neccessary arrangements for the over invoiced,and 
documentations was done by me and my colleagues working with the 
government,and the crown prince of my country kuwait.All documents 
relating to claims and transfer of these $26 Million U.S Dollars
to where the funds are is in my position,it is just your 
understanding and co-operation that we need in
claiming these funds.
Note that these transaction is strictly
confidential due to the fact that I and my colleague
involved in these transaction are government workers.
via all the informations that you provided,I and my
colleague have agreed to offer and compensate you
with (20% out of the over inflated $52MillionU.S.Dollars)When the 
funds is finally in your account that you will provide. Is this 
arrangement attainable? If it is, then please kindly contact me 
via e-mail immediately so that we would resume immediate 
discussion on how to commence transaction,on how to arrange for 
the transfer from where the funds are to your nominated 
account,that you will provide. Also furnish me with yourDIRECT 
PRIVATE TELEPHONE AND FAX NUMBERS for a more private discussion 
over this issue. I await your swift response.
Best regards,
Issah Abdul.

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