traduzione di spoiler text?

Antonio Fragola - MrShark
Fri, 18 May 2001 16:38:06 +0200

come tradurre "spoiler text" e character? e' l'ultima cosa che mi rimane
del manuale di slrn, che comunque ho gia' messo online, per eventuali
altre segnalazioni, a

questo il pezzo incriminato del manuale:


Type: character
Default: '*' 

This character will be used to hide ``spoiler'' text (i.e. text preceded
by a linefeed character). The interpretation of linefeed characters as
``spoilers'' can be turned off at compile time. 

See also: spoiler_display_mode 


Type: integer
Default: 1 

This variable defines what happens when a spoiler is revealed (this is
typically done by hitting space, which is the default binding of

     0    keep the display still, and reveal the current spoiler
     1    start a new page, and reveal the current spoiler
     2    keep the display still, and reveal all spoilers
     3    start new page, and reveal all spoilers 

See also: spoiler_char