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Marco d'Itri md@linux.it
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Please register me as the findutils translator.


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Subject: Re: TP-Robot findutils-4.1.7.it.po
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Hi!  I am the service robot at the Translation Project, and was awakened
by your submission for `findutils-4.1.7.it.po'.

The copyright comment does not seem to be correctly formatted.  I see:

>    # Copyright  1997,1998,1999,2000,2001 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

while the copyright comment should look like:

>    # Copyright (C) YEAR Free Software Foundation, Inc.

The `(C)' sign may be replaced by the single Latin-1 character for it
(decimal code 169) if you happen to work in Latin-1.  YEAR is normally a
four digits year, yet it might be a list of years, separated by commas.
In a list, the first year has to be four digits, subsequent years may be
either two or four digits.  Each comma should be followed with a space.
Years have to be explicitly enumerated, range notations are not accepted.
WARNING: This prevents the robot from forwarding your file to the archive.

The last translator of this PO file appears to be different than the
initial translator.  This is something quite possible and normal.  But if
you do know that translators did not change, some more checking is needed.
The third line of whole PO file says `Giovanni Bortolozzo', while the
`Last-Translator' field of PO file header says `Marco d'Itri'.  If,
and only if, the two names above are indeed mispellings of one another,
you should ideally correct whichever is needed, and resubmit your PO file
with the correction included.  On the other hand, I invite you to be fair,
and _never_ remove the initial translator of a given PO file, as this
acknowledgement is the only tribute paid for the work of that translator.

Most teams allow translators to directly send their achieved translations
to the Translation Project, and do quality control only after the fact,
to obtain a quicker turn-around.  The Translation Project registry does
not list you as the usual translator for `findutils'.  Your team leader
might send an email to the translation coordinator, warranting that
you are indeed assigned to this textual domain.  For small teams not
having a leader, you may write yourself to the translation coordinator.
It is a simple matter to assign you the responsibility of `findutils'
for Italian, given nobody else is already assigned to it.  However,
some teams prefer to channel translations differently, for ensuring some
quality control first.  WARNING: This prevents the robot from forwarding
your file to the archive.

Some error reported above is such that I cannot fully process your
invoice.  I'm sorry!  Do not fear resubmitting your PO file, once you
think the problem has been corrected.  Being a robot, I'm incredibly
patient at such things!

To send your PO file as an Emacs user, merely hit `M' within PO mode.
Otherwise, you may use various MIME (beware I'm too dumb for split parts)
or `uuencode' (either old or new).  Have a `.gz' suffix on the file name
if you decide to compress it with `gzip'.  You may also send your file all
plain, but you have to make sure that we have an 8-bit clean email route.
For now at least, do not submit more than one PO file in a single email.
If I cannot decipher your packaging, I will forward it to the coordinator
for manual unpacking.  Use a subject line looking like:

>    Subject: TP-Robot PACKAGE-VERSION.TEAM.po

and send this whole thing to `translation@iro.umontreal.ca'.  You may
expect a reply within the hour.  If you need help to resolve questions
raised in this reply, or if you plainly suspect I'm behaving poorly, you
may directly write the translation coordinator.  However, if you do so,
be careful _not_ to start your message Subject with `TP-Robot'! :-)

                                The Translation Project robot, in the
                                name of your kind translation coordinator.