Balogun Adebudu
Gio 14 Ago 2003 15:22:59 CEST

I am Mr. Balogun Adebudu. I'm 60 years old. Family relation to late M.K.O Abiola who died in his struggle for his Mandate to have rule Nigeria and i have been Travelling with the great man of his time on earth whose step i have been taking. I was married to Mrs. Funke Ade and with my three children from her. Two Boys and one girl. Whose names are Rotimi Ade,Wole Ade and Bimbola Ade. In January 27th 2002, My beautiful wife and my three love children died as a result of the Bomb explosion in Ikeja Military Cantonement Lagos State Nigeria. Since then i have been receiving treatment in the Hospital. I want my generosity to still continue in helping the Orphans and the Poor people in need by you with my money. I had made cash donation and relieve materials like Clothes, Mattrax, Bed Spread, Beverages, Bags of Rice,Bags of Bens, Shoes and Belts to the ophanage homes in some Countries which i have been able to visite before my critical situation occured. The Countries are Ghana, Sierra leone, Liberia, Cambodia, Somalia, Namibia, Zaire, Swaziland, South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique,Rewanda, Burundi. Because of my sight seeing to save lives of the Orphans and the Poor people . I sent some amount of money( USD$20M) out of my Country to meet up with my plans in Building homes for the Orphans and also to relieve the Poor people in need of basic Financial Education to study to any level of their desire. As a result of what has happened to my beautiful wife and my love children that causes my heart failure and this sickness have kept me in the hospital bed under Oxygen breathing. My Doctor told me, that i may not survive it. And i don't want this money to be a dileman in the security Company in Europe. I am soliciting your help to claim the money to execute my plans for a better life for others who need help to live on earth and to build an Ophanage home on my name. In case if i do not survive my sickness, it will be a living memory. I have arrange everything with my Lawyer. Who told me to look for a God fearing person to stand for the claim in Europe. I have map out 30% for you and 10% for my Lawyer and why the other 60% will be use by you for the building ,Orphanage Homes and Relieving the Poor people for their Education. I wait for your human Good spirit respond.

Thank you,
Mr. Balogun Adebudu.

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